This website synthesizes my research and builds on refined resources (audio and video; many posts though in Czech are referencing English resources). Michael S. Heiser and Emil Páleš (poster) are the key resources and inspiration.

Emil is not a Christian, so his views need to be considered. Based on his work, I interpret the statue of Nebuchadnezzar (Dn 2), Book of Revelation (7 churches, 7 heptades), 7 days of creation, and term soicheion by the pattern of seven classical planets. Nachaš has features of both Venus and Mercury. Beasts from the Revelation have the character of Mercury.

This approach does not legitimize astrology (the effort to communicate with the „gods“ represented by the stars) but explores God’s dispensation of time – God appointed the Sons of God to rule over nations, countries and time periods, and he will judge them (Psalm 82).

The goal is to understand how the world really works (supernatural dimension). To understand the role of the nations thru the Divine council paradigm – and thus give meaning and motivation for mission among nations (mostly foreigners) at home and abroad. My other site links Christian resources for unbelievers in many languages.

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