Hypotéza: Jabal al Lawz v Saudské Arábii: Jabal al Lawz (2580 m n.m.), the tallest mountain in N.W. Saudi Arabia, is not necessarily within the classical domain of ancient Midian, but nearby.

7 km odtud je Jabal Maqla – Burnt Mountain

Mike Heiser věřil této alternativě, ale už nevěří tradiční ani této.

Zdroje: Joel Richardson: Mount Sinai in Arabia

Gulf of Aqaba has limited access to its western shore and limited space along its shore to host a large multitude. The one exception at the town of Nuweiba, where the outflow of the Wadi Watir has produced a large, sandy beach head. The shore opposite Nuweiba is comprised of a large beach that hosts one of the few accessible routes leading to the interior of what was ancient Midian. The intervening seafloor is the only section of this gulf that does not present the steep inclines, drop offs, and obstructing reefs that are typical of the gulf. Despite the gentle seafloor terrain, the depths at the midpoint of this section of the gulf approach 850 meters (2,600’+) (Hall 2000). It is very deep and there is no natural explanation for a sea parting in this locale.

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